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DIY lego-based kindle scanner, removes DRM (via.)
Tags: hardware
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Sophisticated but cheap method for Printing Photorealistic Images on 3D Objects: Article, Video
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OpenPandora - Free & Open Source embedded computer with lots of software at metalab.at
Successor is called DragonBox Pyria and will be released soonish.
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--anlumo1 on Twitter
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Our new toy, a marx generator named Одуванчик (Dandelion)
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DIY optical heartbeat detection using a MagicShifter
Also watch the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x7VAr2sCjY

While I was staying in Berlin at the Raumfahrtagentur / www.raumfahrtagentur.org/ we had a super nerdy and super cool hacking session in the Stadtgarden (right next to the RFA, with WLAN & campfire (a real fire)).

In less than an hour we implemented a prototype for an optical heartbeat detection mode for my open hardware gadget: MagicShifter / magicshifter.net ;)

The Doctor provided a medical pulsemeter for comparing out result to a tested device. How neat ;)
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Because this can't go viral enough, I also post it here.

The picture above shows an open source laptop by the Chinese hacker bunnie. The laptop is based on an ARM processor, has got an integrated FPGA and some more hacker-candy features.
Here is an article about the project, here's bunnie's blog post and here is a wiki-page with more technical details.

PS: Skip to the end of this talk to see the laptop in use.
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