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i’m really bad at talking about things but i have not been doing so great lately

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Dilbert: How to Startup
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Accurate. I'm a creep and i love it.
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'are you okay?', 'yeah', 'are you sure?, 'do not worry about me', 'you are crying', 'everything is fine'
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coders’ priorities.
"Here we have our fully automated lounge (lights, computers, amplifier input, shared media playlist), our rainbow light themed toilet (heated seat-bed, RGB LED array with motion sensor, OB button, clear'ur'a***s-feature), our blinkenwall - but there is still no fast internet connection? - Oh? No."
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'Everything is too much...'
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Feeling like shit in the morning? Drink coffee (and feel guilty if it's not fair traded coffee)...
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