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First Hacknacht-Event at Metalab after a longer period of time.
For more 1337ness, the 'flavour' this time is Illuminati/1337.
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Nice, this night I've managed to install Debian 8 on our SUR40 table, in addition I've compiled a kernel module and reactivision. :D Can't test it right now, it's too bright outside.
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Willi, OE1WKL auf hamspirit.de über Amateurfunk-Nachwuchsförderung im Hackerspace
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OpenPandora - Free & Open Source embedded computer with lots of software at metalab.at
Successor is called DragonBox Pyria and will be released soonish.
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I was young, and needed the publication
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controlling the browser of a screeninvader running inside a vm with an usb gamepad using the html5 gamepad api via our new shiny javascript/websocket api.

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Usblinky CUBE lamp

A very nice usblinky design!

ca 14x14x14.5 cm

Featuring a sphere inside a Cube with rounded corners.
Can be used as a nice Desktop / Night lamp.
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coders’ priorities.
"Here we have our fully automated lounge (lights, computers, amplifier input, shared media playlist), our rainbow light themed toilet (heated seat-bed, RGB LED array with motion sensor, OB button, clear'ur'a***s-feature), our blinkenwall - but there is still no fast internet connection? - Oh? No."
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my project http://github.com/kallaballa/Janosh now has a logo.
by juli_wie_august
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michi + flo + pick'n'place gantry assembly.
ein sehr produktiver tag war das heute..
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usblinky webfrontend, source gibts auf github
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