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Getting used to gravity again
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Abseil uber fun, plus a Rucksack full of prey after this Blitz operation. Too bad this is verboten. Hide your Karabiner, Kletterschuh and Schadenfreude and if a witness brings up allegations blame a Poltergeist or Doppelgänger.  Grab yourself a Lager, some Wurst with Sauerkraut - or a Spritzer and a Studel according to the Biedermeier Zeitgeist. Enjoy the Gemütlichkeit as Hausfrau until your Wunderkind comes home from Kindergarten.
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If the data of the discovery of the higgs-boson was a song, this is what it could sound like.
Traq - Higgs Boson Sonification
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Text: Science is like sex; it has practical uses, but that’s not why we do it.
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Der Punkt war weniger ob das jetzt genau 16, 4000 oder 2^64 Geschlechter sind, als vielmehr das ständige um-sich-werfen mit Zahlen und diese als "wissenschaftlich anerkannt" hinzustellen.
Zu dem Zahlenwerfen musste ich irgendwie an die Alpha Centauri Episode "Was ist Radosophie" denken.
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Atlantic Centered Waterman Projection

The Waterman projection show the equator clearly, as well as continental shapes, distances (within 10%), areas (within 10%) angular distortions (within 20 degrees), and relative postions, as a compromise: statistically better than all other World maps. No other projection systems have been able to handle the management of those characteristics collectively as well. (x)

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"The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave"
("Simultaneous observation of the quantization and the interference pattern of a plasmonic near-field." Nature Communications, 02 March 2015. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms7407)
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